March 13, 2013

hydration of thy soul

Costa Rica, in one word, is magical. I can't think of a better way to explain it. Everything about it fills me up and lightens my mood. Maybe I have a biased view because when I've visited Costa Rica it hasn't been as a tourist but more like a friend. And, I'm not trying to sound corny, but I do really feel like the people I visit and see and laugh with are my friends. Even if we don't always speak the same language.
You don't have to spend much time around the people and culture to quickly realize this humid, jungle runs at a different pace than Americans are used to. Things aren't so much important as relationships are.
I did my best to soak up as much of this hard working, fun loving, happy place as I could. Madre and I had the best time. We laughed a lot and wore our brains out trying to communicate with our non-English speaking pals. But enough chit chat. I'll let these photos speak for themselves.
Swinging Bridge tour

Most delish bakery

baby moo

every Tico, most often than not, can be seen wearing a pair of these

state bird

break time

ojo azul

can't you just taste the refreshing goodness







typical tico casa

anything can be turned into a fiesta

mode of transport


walking partner to the Super Kike


sleeping volcano



howler monkey

line dry

longest bridge



last day was bittersweet

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