December 10, 2012

weekend wrap up

This past weekend started off with a bang. The Divine Miss O's mouth isn't so divine, so her weekly orthodontic visits began. This first process of putting an expander on her chompers takes a few weeks. She was a pro I was told. Maybe watching her big bro suffer through the process first has served her well.
My mom drove up to pick up the kids and take them home with her. I treated her to a manicure as payment. No photos were taken. But, I can tell you when the kids rushed off the bus that afternoon and we loaded them up into Grandma's car, a happy dance coupled with nonrhythmic clapping and several "oh yeahs" came over me.
Mom took the kids for the weekend mostly so Mr. Hawthorne and I could whoop it up at Mr. Hawthorne's work party. And, whoop it up we did. We stayed up way past our bedtime. We enjoyed some spirits. And, took part in a music scene that was completely new to us. Daydream Vacation (above) was one of the many bands and DJs that graced the stage.

Picture ops with life size scary dudes happened too.
On Saturday, we overslept a teeny bit and barely made it out to brunch with out-of-state friends. I was so glad the restaurant we met at is literally just around the corner because I would have been sad to miss seeing my peeps. We spent the rest of the day running errands and organizing our Christmas gift purchases. Aside from my living quarters being a complete wreck, I feel totally on top of the season this year.

Sunday morning I got Mr. Hawthorne out of bed at 5:30am so he could register to run in the Jingle Bell 5k with me. Even though he was getting over a cold, he agreed. I enjoyed some extra time spent with the hubster and I even shaved fourteen minutes off my 3 mile race time. Toot, Toot!

 Afterwards, we loaded the pups up into the car and hit the road to retrieve the kids. Nobody loves road trips more than these two I tell ya. We ate dinner with the parental units and then drove home in the dark, rainy night.

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Jaimie said...

Way to have some couple time, AND put in a 5K to boot! You're a rock star!! Great job!