August 7, 2012

down. set. hut.

It all started around November of 2011. I saw a tv commercial for some clothing company where the people were playing a game of backyard Fall football. They were all done up in their jeans and cable sweaters. For a split second a small, yellow goal post flashed on the screen and I locked on to it like white on rice. I asked Mr. Hawthorne if he saw it. He hadn't. I explained what it was and as the neurons started forming an idea, I rambled my thought process out loud "we should totally make a goal post and have a football party for El Fuego's next birthday!!"

Flash forward, eight months ...

My backyard was transformed into a small football stadium and the boys came for some flag football fun in celebration of El Fuego's eleventh birthday.

My great friend, Julie, put her talents to work once again and whipped out an awesome Greenbay Packers football cake.

We had some grub but mostly the boys just played and played and played.

We did break from some food and cake of course but it was short lived. Boys are crazy beings and need structure to keep them from getting too wackadoo.

It was super party with lots of fun.

I was happy to end our birthday season on a high note.


Jaimie said...

You are so brave! I love it!! So creative you are!! You are just a rock star!!!

little irish said... was a lot of fun.