August 2, 2012


We dusted off the tent and hit the camp site last weekend for a quick trip. We spent two nights away from the comforts of home. We crammed in lots of camp food, football, hiking, biking, fishing and many accidents. It was crazy fun!

This suspension bridge was an adventure. The kids thought it was a riot. I got a little sea sick.

We were three families on this camp adventure so of course I had to celebrate the occasion with t-shirts. The kids loved hanging in their pack and exploring the campgrounds.

A little sisterly bounding happened as well being the only two girls.

It was a fun weekend, but I'm happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed again.


Jaimie said...

I had a friend from Haiti tell us once before Dan and I headed out to go camping, "Dan you have a nice house and nice things, why you want to go pretend to be homeless!"
We laughed and laughed and continue to do so. Haven't been camping much since. :oD

little irish said...

Oh man, that is funny!! And I have to say, I think I agree with your friend. Hee hee. I'm not a fan of the tent camping. ;)