June 11, 2012

somebunny had a birthday

Miss Divine had a mighty fine birthday. She turned nine! We've postponed her party with friends until the end of the month because of the crazed schedule but, of course, we had to do some celebrating today.

For a week now, I've been keeping a very special gift under wraps. Hidden at my parents house. I did a whole lot of communicating and arranging to get transportation of this gift. All these secret text messages and code names had me feeling like 007.

We sent Miss Divine on an Easter egg scavenger hunt.

Deciphering clues which lead to her to more clues until....

She discovered her gift.

Her very own, wished for two years, bunny rabbit.

She was thrilled!!

She named him Monroe because of his cute, tawny colored, beauty mark under his right eye just like Marilyn Monroe. Since her baby bunny is a boy, we couldn't name him Marilyn so Monroe it is. Both are very happy!


Lisa Minton said...

ahhhhhh so sweet!!!

Jaimie said...

So glad Operation Monroe, turned out to be a success! Way to go 007! Great job! Love surprising the little ones!