June 21, 2012

the graduate

Petite Artiste graduated from kindergarten today. She was pretty proud of herself as are we. She's come a long way. A really long way! Preschool proved unfruitful unfortunately. (The preschool teacher liked to blame Miss Petite not being up to par on me. Even saying that Petite Artiste needed a doctor's supervision fearing something was mentally wrong. But in the end, the real blame was mostly due to her preschool teacher's inability to help Miss Petite excel.....but that is another story all together. One I have been biting my tongue on for a very, very long time.) So basically, my little bambino walked into kindergarten a clean, fresh, five year old slate. Today she is reading and writing and adding and subtracting. (And, I'm happy to report there is nothing mentally wrong with this little spit-fire. Nothing!) It's a beautiful thing when a child lights up and everything clicks. Bravo Petite Artiste, Bravo!

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