April 6, 2012

hey kool-aid

Found a fun way to color eggs for Easter via pinterest of course. And, I must say, not only did this colorful creation of many flavors smell great but it really worked great too.

One Kool-Aid packet and 2/3 cup water is all you need. No really, that is all you need. Best to mix over the sink though so you don't turn your counter tops into a rainbow of many colors.

The best flavors for coloring turned out to be orange, strawberry, mixed berry, peach mango, lemon-lime and cherry. I added a little black cherry to the pink lemonade and it worked out so-so. I much more preferred the bold colors. Blue was is my favorite.

I'm thinking I won't go back to those boxed kits and vinegar after using this Kool-Aid trick. This was really simple and the colors turned out much better.

Happy Easter!

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Jaimie said...

I read about kool-aid!! It totally is awesome!! Look at those colors! Amazing! That's awesome!