April 17, 2012

baseball is our life

When I say baseball is our life, I really do mean it. We are eating, sleeping and playing baseball seven days a week up in here. It's crazy goodness. We are having a ball even though our Saturdays are spent entirely on fields all over town.

So life has been hectic ... running here, coaching there ... postings have been sparse.

Soon, I will get my thoughts organized and come up with a meatier post. Until then, enjoy some highlights of the fun we had last Saturday.

T-Ball Angel.
This little chickadee actually caught a throw at first base and if outs were called, she would have so had herself a force out. 

AA Cardinal.
Being the only girl on the team doesn't phase this gazelle. She bosses the boys around and keeps them on their toes.

Coast Yankee.
He doesn't swing often but when he does, and connects...the ball goes flying and the runs start coming.

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