October 31, 2011

happy halloween

Yesterday was a fun filled day. We sort of crammed everything Halloween into one Sunday afternoon. We did have our pumpkins for about a month but finally got enough gumption to carve them. I helped scoop out pumpkin guts and then lazed on the couch until it was done. (Which by the way, I loved!)

Then we got ourselves all dressed up for a Halloween Party Spooktacular.

Miss Petite was a princess, The Divine Miss O was a kitty cat (she's standing like that so you can see her tail), and El Fuego has enlisted in the army at the ripe ole age of ten complete with a nerf gun.

Mr Hawthorne and I dressed as airline employees which was fun.

The party peeps! The children are running around eating candy somewhere.

My co-worker and partner in crime.

Here's wishing you and your family a funtastic holiday with very little spooks and a whole lot of ghoul fun!

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