August 12, 2011

thirteen years

Eighteen years ago, I met this kid!
Of course, he looked a bit different than this. He was taller and wiser but just as cute.
In fact this photo was taken the year I was born.
We met my first year of college. I was fresh out of high school. He was six years older and had made his way back to school. I always knew when he had recently walked the halls of the old building because I could smell a faint trace of his cologne.

(I hope that doesn't sound creepy.)

Long story, short: We started dating. All that mushy stuff followed suit.

But seriously, how could we deny our mutual love of Schwinn bicycles.
It was meant to be.

Thirteen years ago, this Sunday, we were married, outside, with the sound of bag pipes in the background on the hottest day of that year. Five houses, three kids, and several animals we are.

Dear Mr. Hawthorne,
Happy Anniversary!
Here's to thirteen more. I love you!

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