August 3, 2011

summer swim

The kids have been taking swim lessons this summer. The girls LOVE it! Miss Petite isn't a fan of jumping into the water from the side without help though. Which is why I gave her a wee push this afternoon. Lovingly, of course.

El Fuego is more cautious but today showed much improvement. At the last lesson, he pulled "I have a stomach ache" routine and did a bunch of whining about how he was telling the truth. My biggest pet peeve is when my children do that horrible whiny noise and refuse to listen to my words. So, El Fuego was given a few stern words of encouragement this afternoon. Lovingly, of course. 

Miss Divine doesn't seem to have that fear receptor in her brain. She tends to just go for it. She is perfecting her back stroke and is looking pretty good. Miss Divine also likes to tell you how great she is at it too. Which is why I told her not to brag. Lovingly, of course.

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