August 8, 2011

sk8er boy

 El Fuego celebrated his tenth birthday on Saturday. We started out the day picking out party treats at his requested destination.

Then we hit the local skate park and set up camp waiting for the party guests. 

 Once the crew arrived, skating and fun ensued.

 Because El Fuego requested donuts over cupcakes/cake, "Happy Birthday" was sung over a chocolate bar. He didn't seem to mind and 'dare to be different' is what I always say anyway.
Then my super secret surprise arrived. I hired the ice cream truck to do a drive by which was perfect because by the time she arrived, I had a few sweaty bodies on my hands.
Some cold relief was much needed.

Every kiddo this birthday season has asked to open gifts at their parties with their friends. El Fuego was no exception. Even being at the skate park didn't deter this kid. So we pulled up a park bench and opened presents.

 This group of aged kids are pleasant to be around. They are mellow and witty.

 I enjoyed their company very much.
Happy 10th Birthday!!

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