March 7, 2011

raggedy ann and andy party

This weekend we celebrated Miss Petite's fifth birthday with a Raggedy Ann and Andy party. It was very much home-made with lots of creativity from my friend and my mother-in-law.
I set the lunch table up in the living room this go around. When I pushed the furniture out, it gave lots of room for parents to hang out and still be able to move about.
I made the bunting out of an old Raggedy Ann and Andy sheet found at an antique shop. My friend, Julie drew the Ann and Andy out of foam board for me. I then added hair made out of yarn. I really heart the way they turned out.
The cute tchotchkes were found at Value Village. Someone had painted these two up with love way back when and then I snapped them up for a whopping fourteen bucks.
We gifted Miss Petite with a lemonade stand on her actual birthday. She's been talking about selling lemonade at the end of the driveway. When I saw this baby on clearance I knew I needed it to come home with me. She loves it and it was perfect to set the party favors on.
Three cheers to my friend, Julie. We were together when I found this cake pan. She made the cake for us and it was perfect! Thank you! Thank you!
The kids decorated their own cookies.
Made paper Anns and Andys.
Ate lunch and celebrated the birthday girl.
Played old school party games like duck, duck goose, musical chairs, and tossed balloons around. We even had a dance off which was a riot! Five year olds can really bust a move!!
Something I haven't done much of in the past was have the kids open their gifts with the party guests. I always felt like it was hard on the kiddos seeing someone open presents and not have anything to open themselves. But my kids have been begging to do this at their parties, so we have been testing the waters. So far, it's always been a success.
My mother-in-law graciously put her sewing machine to work and made Raggedy Ann dolls for all the girls. They are darling and very special! I made cute cookie jars (complete with cookies) for the boys.
The party was a lot of fun and the kids seem to enjoy themselves.
Happy Birthday Miss Petite!!

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