March 2, 2011


"Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You."
Dr. Seuss

Today marks the day we drove to the hospital on my due date (and my late grandmother's birthday) to meet our third child. She is a life saver even though she doesn't know it. She was meant to be even though my mom couldn't believe it. It's difficult to acknowledge my sweet Baby Love is now a full fledged kid.


A dancing queen and make-up lover. On her way to kindergarten. And, on her way to change the world!

Happy Birthday! We love you!!

And before you panic that I gave her a coke and sent her on way to stunt her growth and corrode brain cells....this was simply just for a cute picture. I saw it somewhere (and even though my camera or photo taking skills doesn't do it justice), I thought the idea was adorable. She has this sort of 1950s vibe to her that I love. So this morning we bought one of these nostalgic Coca Cola bottles and snapped a photo.


Katie said...

Kindergarten is the best time! I LOVE this age. And have been known (routinely) to let my kids have some full sugar, full caffeine soda.

little irish said...

I the age!! And, what is more fun than kindergarten?? Nothing. Hee hee. And thanks for the pop pep soon as I posted that, I thought "oh crap! someone is going to comment on the health risks of coke and a five year old." :D