November 2, 2010

happy halloween

We had ourselves a weekend filled with pumpkin carving and trick or treating fun.
Happy Halloween!

I really drug my feet on getting this holiday started. I love fall and Halloween. It is my favorite time of year. However, October was super busy and flew by in a flash. The kids didn't seem to mind and it was fun cramming every haunted and ghoulish themed thing into one weekend.

We were invited to trick or treat with some friends in their rockin' neighborhood. Reports from our hood was zero costumed youngsters to be found roaming the streets. So it was nice to hit up houses along with loads of kids.
Behold the Mystery Inc gang (minus Fred and Scooby Doo)
Petite Artiste as Velma
El Fuego as Shaggy
Miss Divine as Daphne

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