November 11, 2010

the gang

I'm currently entering a contest to win a fancy schmacy camera. I've been drooling over fancy cameras for quite some time so when I discovered this contest, I jumped. Of course it's a photo contest and all I have is a point and shoot but 50% is judged on creativity. And, if there is one thing we've's creativity.

The kids and I put our heads together trying to come up with something fun. We decided to put on our Halloween costumes and head to the train depot. Velma shed a few tears at first, but eventually we won her over.

Even though the gang and I got a few strange looks, we had fun. Here are a few of my favorites.


Stephanie said...

If you don't win because of the one with the glasses and socks or the one with the 3 of them on the tracks I don't know who will! Love them!

little irish said...

Cross your fingers for me....I would really love to the win the camera. It's very cool! :D

Jaimie said...

That is awesome!! Great idea!