April 28, 2009

settle down

Things around these parts have calmed down dramatically. Our house sold and everything concerning selling has been completed. We finally negotiated terms with the seller of our new house and all seems to be finishing up smoothly regarding that. We close on June 15th and move that week. We are eager to get started on all the face lift and updating projects we have planned.

We've slowly brought back in some missed toys for the kids. Currently the girls have been knee deep in Strawberry Shortcake goodness and it's been fun hearing them chatter about.

I started a token system with the kids a couple weeks back. What a difference in behavior and compliance we have seen. It is fabulous!!! The kids earn tokens for good behavior and doing chores basically. Then they use their earned tokens to buy every privilege imaginable. They love it!

I made cute birthday soiree invitations for Miss Divine's 6th Fancy Nancy birthday this week. I love how they turned out. I bought her and Petite Artiste Fancy Nancy party dresses for the big bash off Etsy. I can not wait to post pictures for you all to see. They are adorable!!

Until then....


Extremely well made and absolutely adorable Fancy Nancy dresses made by Marissa Fischer of RaeGun on Etsy.

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Stephanie said...

Ah, yes. Jeff brought home an abandoned candy machine and they will do ANYTHING for a quarter... too bad you can adjust it down so they barely get anything..... :D I love being the parent...