April 13, 2009

feeling lucky?

Okay, so we decided after much deliberation, that we would put an offer on the "pool house" (as we've dubbed it) and hope the owners don't run away laughing at our mind set. The thing is, this is house is great. Has tons of potential. The pool and back yard are fabulous. The cul-de-sac out front is downright awesome. Being able to walk to school is a huge draw. But....this house needs major amounts of deep elbow grease, TLC and updating inside. Major amounts! And the owners, as lovely as I'm sure they are, must realize that selling a house without listing and in "as is" condition is a really, really, really great deal. We are offering them an out. It's a win-win for both parties. If they come to understand this fact, then hopefully they will agree to sell to us. Our agent is presenting them with our offer today and we've given them until tomorrow to mull it over. I'm hoping today is our lucky day. We need this!!

On the flip side, our house sale is moving along smoothly. No major hic-ups or outlandish requests from the buyer. I'm so relieved because frankly, I just didn't have the energy to put up with any nonsense. Although, we've grown out of this house, I have come to really love it and I'll miss it. Many memories and milestones were created between these walls. However, we always knew this house was a stepping stone when we moved up here as a growing family of three; the housing market was at a peak and price points were out of our reach. We had to be patient. Now almost seven years later, as a family of five, with the housing market at an all time low, it's a great time to make our move. I'm happy to pass this place on to a family that is in need. I think this will be a great house and a fresh start for the buyer.

In the mean time, I've become addicted to home improvement shows and house design catalogs. Almost like the first time I was pregnant and couldn't get enough Baby Story on the TLC channel. It's funny how things in life evolve and just how many home buying/selling/improving shows are available right now. Love it!

P.S. still without computer and the ability to get pictures off camera. The best part of blogging for me is the pictures. So many apologies for that. Keep coming back.....pictures to come to come soon....I promise.

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