April 24, 2009

off my A-game

These last three months have been the most stress filled, heartbreaking, roller coaster ride of my life. More stressful, in fact, then when Mr. Hawthorn was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after Petite Artiste was born. Not even joking folks! The pure stress of keeping a house tidy with three small people and two dogs during the worst weather season was tough. The heartbreak of my beloved Scottish Terrier getting violently ill caused by a freak accident and having to make the decision to euthanize him in a 24 hour period almost made me crumble from the guilt. But this roller coaster we've been subjected to during the last seven days has just about pushed me to my breaking point.

We successfully sold our house and are due to close June 15th. We've put in some major foot traffic and online shopping for our next house. I think we've found it. Check it out:

It might not look like much right now but believe me, it has major potential. Mr. Hawthorn and I are a special kind of buyer in that we don't look for the houses that are all updated, and therefore in a higher price bracket. We like the houses that are a little off, in need of TLC but with good bones. This house will double the size we are currently living in with four bedrooms, three car garage and a bonus room I could literally put my current home into. It sits on a shy acre with three little outbuildings and two bridges to nowhere. It's like our very own park. We are in love and so eager to get started on the many projects we've already dreamt up. Including a porch with a roof balcony and french doors from the master bedroom onto the little balcony. We know it looks "old" and "outdated" right now, but with just some horizontal siding, framed out windows and shutters, plus new garage doors and a different paint color....this house will shine.

However, the seller is being a tad difficult and he has almost held us hostage to his every whim for the last week. I am not elaborating. Although, a nice guy in person, his tactics have been shady and untrustworthy. He has managed to screw everyone involved including his own agent. If we didn't want THIS house so badly, we wouldn't put up with all this crap. I would have to think very hard if another perfect house popped up today about still wanting to go forward with this deal. In some respects it would just be easier to go buy another house and leave this guy to reap in the consequence of being a jackass!

We had the house inspected this morning. And, we are very pleased with the results. We are hoping to wrap this up by Monday. It looks like he has been preparing to move. Hopefully he sells to us, but we just don't know. The whole situation has been very odd and once this process is over, I plan to never, ever move again as long as I live.

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