December 31, 2008

a new year

Hello, hello!!! I hope your holiday was filled with much love and happiness. Ours was very relaxed and mellow. Mother nature dumped mounds of snow upon us and although it was delightful to have a white Christmas, it forced our little world to slow way down. It also slowed Fed-Ex down big time and we were without our matching Christmas jammies and two very important Santa gifts. It's been very frustrating to see Fed-Ex trucks drive through our cal-de-sac and not stop at our house. They are supremely disorganized!

We've also been buried in garbage and recycling. Because of the snow and the holidays always landing on our pick up days, we have been without service for a month. The city put one single dumpster on the main road and some dumped their months worth of trash which promptly over-filled the dumpster and it all spilled out onto the side. It is a disgusting eye-sore.

But enough complaining...

Any plans for the New Year? Any resolutions? My long time college pal and I decided to start a blog where we support each other getting healthy for the year 2009. She lives in Connecticut and I, here so we've titled our new blog 2896 because of the 2,896 miles that divide us. It's getting started so bare with us through the kinks.

We decided not to try and keep the kids up until midnight and ring in the new year (which, to be honest, we've never done). Instead we are going to get up tomorrow morning and use the J-man's new waffle maker and celebrate 2009 with a fun filled and delish breakfast. Hopefully, I get some pictures posted.

Besides the absolute "getting healthy" goal, I resolve this year to teach my children the value of volunteering. I want them to understand it's not always about the getting. And getting the perfect color, size, cost of something. But how to enjoy giving as well and making others feel good. This is a goal I think I can keep and my hope is it will make us closer as family that truly appreciate each other.

Until then, Happy New Year!!

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