September 22, 2008


It has always been odd to me that people store their tissues in the very back seat/window of their sedans. Say you are driving along, in the car alone, and you sneeze. How the heck is the tissue in your back window going to help you?

I can never figure out why it's so hard for some people to get into turn lanes. I find complete aggravation in following someone who forces me to come to stop as they let their rear end bits hang out in my lane while they try to figure out if they can turn. Get in the lane and then figure it out!!

Sisters! One minute they are fighting, the next they are playing ponies together.

Did you know I pass eight schools on my 15 minute drive to Miss O's school? I do! 3 high schools (1 private), 1 jr high, 3 elementaries (1 private) and 1 preschool. I know, crazy huh?

Dust!! Where does it come from? I dust today and it's back tomorrow. It's a conspiracy I tell ya, along with dirty dishes and clutter.

Boys and boogers. What is it about picking noses and boogers that boys think are so funny?

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London said...

hahaha I always have thought about the kleenex one, too :)

London Southern Belle