September 2, 2008

first day :: back to school

Three cheers for First Grade!! My little man started school today. We were a little late getting to the line this morning between the traffic and the shear amount of parents and chaos that swallowed the little elementary school. So we missed a "standing in line" picture.

There are a few familiar faces and some new friends too. Wonder Boy is most excited about having a desk of his very own this year.

And what's really cool . . . . my big boy, my mr. responsibility, my mr. self sufficient can walk from his classroom and meet me in the pick up line all by himself. I was super nervous sitting in my car waiting for him this afternoon. I had about a million "what ifs" run through my head. Seeing most of the first grade parents standing around the doors made me feel like I should change my mind and meet him there. About three minutes after the bell rang, my beautiful feugo haired boy came into view with the sunlight bouncing off his strands, causing his reflection to glow. And with my heart swelling, I couldn't be more proud.

However, he forgot his lunch box and sweatshirt at school.

The Divine Miss O had her first day of pre-kindergarten today too, but it wasn't an official first day. It was more of a meet and greet plus an ice cream social. She has lots of preschool friends in her class and Mrs. L was also Wonder Boy's pre-k teacher two years ago. So we are very excited for the year.

We spent a good part of the morning frantically running around the house looking for Miss O's new school shoes. The are pink and shiny and sparkle-y and she just had to have to them!! She was upset we couldn't find them and doubly upset she had to wear her play shoes to school instead. Not to worry, as she was playing with play-doh this afternoon, she spied a bag she had stuffed away and low and behold, her new shoes were tucked inside. Silly girl!

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Stephanie said...

Happy 1st day of school to all! Ours is tomorrow, and I kinda wanna cry just typing that, I'm a mom... it's my right to do so!