June 22, 2008

when good puppies happen to five year old girls

I've had my fair share of emergency offices these last two weekends because of dog related instances. The first, Frieda got into the garbage and ate a bunch of chocolate birthday cake after The Divine Miss O's birthday party. She woke me up at 2:30 am throwing up and doubled in size. She was so bloated, she looked like she ate a small child. Knowing chocolate is very bad for dogs, I rushed her off to the emergency vet office. Two hours, some gas x and pain meds later we were home again with leaking diarrhea and the inability to move. The dog that is, not me. Luckily Frieda lived to tell the 'tail'.

Today, Miss O was alone with Angus while I was upstairs. (I have to tell you ahead of time, Miss O has a thing about teasing Angus. She finds it humorous to bug him. What she doesn't understand is that Angus is a puppy and not Frieda. Frieda, who would let children roll all over her without budging. However, Angus hasn't learned this lesson yet. Children to him are tall annoying things he is forced to put up with.) I could hear her teasing him but before I could get downstairs to remind her "to not tease the dog because he will hurt you!" he bit her. I wasn't too surprised to hear her come upstairs crying and I figured he nipped her, but I wasn't expecting a bite on the face. So I took her to the ER. She got two stitches and was a complete trooper. Lesson learned? Hopefully.

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