June 30, 2008

it's getting hot in here

Summer has finally arrived. This weekend was so very hot. I spent most of my time as a big sweat ball of uncomfortable crabbiness. J drug out the portable AC unit and we have it in our bedroom so we can cool it off at night to sleep. Which is not very "Al Gore" of us. But it's friggin' hot. I am a born and raised Washingtonian and I don't do heat well. It is like Mother Nature is PMSing. As if she is ranting about how we whining North Westerners are always complaining about the rain and never seeing the sun. To that, her response: "You're never happy! You never appreciate the green grass and all the trees." "You want summer??? You want sunshine do ya??? Well I'll just GIVE YOU SUMMER!!!!" As she turns up the heat to 95 degrees and in two days time all our lawns turn brown and our flowers wilt. It's a cruel, cruel joke she is playing on us. Some say 95 is not too bad. Try being in Utah or Arizona right now. But you must understand it is very hard for people living in the Pacific Northwest to go from 40 degree days filled with rain and overcast weather to sweaty, hot temps overnight. It is dreadful. I would apologize to Mother Nature myself and ask for a nice breeze perhaps. But I hear she is off telling her husband, Father Time, to get off his duff and help her clean up this earth. She's probably rambling on about how "He only works one night a year and everyone throws him a party." "Happy New Year, my ass!"

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