June 29, 2008

she couldn't be happier if Edgar Degas had painted this himself

I have to admit, I do love to hit up garage sales especially when we find "treasures" like this. We were driving around yesterday, mostly driving by garage sales and looking at houses, enjoying the morning sunlight. As we came around a corner, I saw a lady pick up pile of pink lace and turn it around a couple times. I started to giggle and J pulled over. As soon as I picked up this little number I could hear Miss O gasp as if the sugar plum fairies had just dropped a bucket full of pixie dust upon her head. She squealed "I WANT DAT!!!" with a twinkle in her eye. I asked the man, who had basically dumped a ton of crap on his driveway, how much he was asking for the recital costume. He replied "Oh I don't know . . . . . a buck? . . . . 50 cents? . . . . whatever, I just want to get rid of it all." I scrounged up some change and decided to meet him half way, handing him a whopping 75 cents. He was happy, I was happy and Miss O was and still is completely over the moon. She has not taken it off in two days. She's been bouncing and twirling and hopping and humming and standing on her tip toes and dancing around non-stop. She fluffs up the skirt, filling her arms with pink lace and tulle constantly. She sits on the floor on one hip, with her knees bended behind her and her hands folded in her lap. She would sleep in it if we let her. I had to convince her it would be too hot and scratchy if she wore it bed. And that even fairies put their jammies on for bed.

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