March 9, 2008

project daily begins

Okay, first I would like to say . . . . I have been trying to post pictures of my family's little hike this weekend all day today and for some reason I am unable to upload photos onto blogger. The post is sitting in my drafts awaiting. Hopefully it will work soon. It was a fun little hike in a newly found spot near Beaver Lake. It was love at first hike!!

Second, I have been teetering on a bit of stall in blogville. I run across lots of funny tidbits or mishaps and adventures within my daily grind that I often think "I should blog that!!" But by the time I get in front of my computer, I go blank. Writers block perhaps?? (Not that I consider myself as a writer) For the three loyal readers of Little Irish, I'm sorry for the delay in daily posts. I have been thumbing through Margaret Mason's book: No One Cares What You Had for Lunch (yes, I own a copy - don't laugh) for inspiration. On the last page it talks about obsessing . . . . . maybe taking a picture of everywhere you go for a week as an idea. Aha!! Project Daily is born. Just where does Little Irish go every day you ask. Are you on the edge of your seat in anticipation yet???? Yeah, I thought you weren't but hey, it might be fun. Stay tuned!


n8cherluver said...

Love your writing!

Little Irish said...

Thanks n8cherluver . . . .you mysterious commenter you! =)