March 27, 2008

parenting tip #2

If you have multiple kids sharing the same cold and flu season, try giving each a color coded small, juice cup for rinsing and storing their toothbrushes. It helps keep the germ spreading down by not sharing the same cup to rinse and it keeps all those little paper cups out of the landfill. It took me one really bad cold season for me to figure this one out. The kids kept passing back and forth the same awful cold. Nightmare!! I swear we were sick for a month!! I originally purchased some really cheap, plastic juice cups and used a sharpie to write their names on the cups. The problem, the sharpie would wear off in the dishwasher. Yesterday I saw these cute different colored cups for 99 cents each at Target. Instead of writing the kids' names on them, I just picked out a different color for each.

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