January 21, 2013

t minus 3 days

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of wrapping up and preparing. The chance to go to Costa Rica kicked my rear end into hyper drive. The freezer is stocked, the suitcase is half packed, the schedule has been mapped out and every day I try to check mark more items off my do-to list. Unfortunately, I seem to add more items to my list than I check off.

Jeans. Check.

T-shirts. Check.

Passport. Check.

Camera. Check.

Hiking boots. Check

Charging cables. Check

Mostly, I feel prepared but at the same time feel like I'm forgetting something.

The kids didn't go to school today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. I think a better way to honor the man who fought for equal rights would be to send the kidlets to school, but that is battle I don't think I'm going to win today. I was actually cool with the three-day weekend because the girls are fighting off the cold bug that seems to be flying around. An extra day to rest was a good thing. They watched movies, while the neighbor kid and El Fuego played xbox, so the day has been rather low key.

I continue to run around while washing bedding, cleaning house and preparing for Grandma's stay in my absence. But, I'm tired today. Miss Petite got a little sewing doo-dad kit for Christmas and I spent about an hour and half sitting on the floor sewing the little bugger together. Half way through the project, Miss Petite disappeared. Of course. And, when I was all finished and presented the project to her, she was all like, "oh, put it over there." Grrrr!

Then I worked on Valentine's Day party prep for the first grade class because I'm one of the room moms and it's my duty to supply the six and seven year olds with a par-tay. I wanted to have everything pretty much wrapped up before I left so scrambling afterwards wasn't an issue. So I made a plan and made an online order. This little shin-dig will be on level "chill".

Four loads of laundry later, I'm still in my pajamas, the garbage cans are still on the curb and no dinner plans have been put into place in spite of the well stocked freezer.

Ten minutes later: Scratch that, I just put my go-to easy dinner in the oven. Frozen chicken breast, sliced potatoes and Italian dressing thrown in the oven. M'm M'm.

Another ten minutes and four games of Bejeweled later: I'm wrapping this long winded post about nothing special up. Relieved? Yeah, me too....

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Jaimie said...

Isn't that always the way things go!? Projects for kids, laundry, dinner!? I feel ya and know exactly what you mean!
I hope you have an amazing time!