May 28, 2012

fort nisqually

We recently took a trip down to see Fort Nisqually. Being that the kids had a four day weekend, and baseball was on break because of Memorial day, we decided to fill our time with some fun. Last summer we visited Fort Clatsop. Knowing that El Fuego would be studying Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail and mountain men in fourth grade, I was super excited about spending the day visiting the past. So I was equally excited to visit Fort Nisqually, wrapping up some more hands on learning.

We spent hours hanging out. Watching period costumed woman roast coffee beans, and help work the garden. The girls played like they lived there running back and fourth from the bunk house to the kitchen to the laundry. El Fuego asked lots of inquisitive questions. We were there for so long, playing and questioning, that more than a few times the volunteers and staff asked me to come back during their events so my children could soak up more living history.

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Jaimie said...

That is so awesome!! I loved visiting that place in elementary school. Looks like it was a perfect day to go! So glad you all had fun!