May 22, 2012

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I have been here so many times over the last few weeks trying to rack my brain of something to post. Every time I get here, however, I think "nobody cares about that!" and I get side tracked with something else. Which means I have several drafts saved up with two or three sentences....and a long, rambleless, drought on this here blog. Not to say life hasn't been busy so it's not that I don't have anything to ramble on about. I'm just having a hard time putting anything into a coherent, thoughtful post. Unlike what I'm doing right now. Making a coherent, thoughtful post that is.

Let's see. It all happened right around Spring Break time. The kids had a week off from school and somehow, our schedule just filled right up from then on out. Mostly with baseball mind you. Some weeks we had something baseball related seven days a week. I'm not even kidding. Let me throw out a disclaimer right now. If you have three kids, on three different teams and you are your spouse decide to take on coaching two of those three teams....plan on being knee deep in baseball for about three to four months.


April seems to be the month every child under the age of ten was born, thus having celebrations galore resulting in one or more of my children being invited to. We never like to turn down a birthday invite but it was inevitable leaving me to deal with many tears and dramatizations of the word "why" on more than one occasion. We managed to squeeze in a few however which made for some crazy Saturdays.

We were also bombarded with many medical appointments from gigantic ear infections resulting in a trip to urgent care, expander/orthodontist/teeth rearranging craziness, and of course eye doctor visits.

Then there was the weather. So much rain and snow! Yes, snow! In the middle of April even. It was maddening and I was having a hard time with the lack of vitamin D. So much so, I wanted to pack up the crew and move to the east coast, leaving the wet and grey skies to be miserable all by themselves. The flood of rain and overall crapness put a damper on baseball as well. Jumbling make-up games and chilly-just-power-through-it-games into our already overflowing schedule. Oh sure, we found ways around the misfortune of terrible weather, but some days it was very difficult. Very. very. oh so very. difficult!!

And, then the sun came out. Temperatures actually hit around eighty degrees. My fellow Seattlelites peeled off their wool socks and North Face rain gear, pulled their convertibles out of the garage and bared a many a white leg. It was bliss!! (Read with sarcastic tone as we are now back to the rainy, crappy weather this week - ugh - I'm so over it!)

My sister-in-law and I abandoned our families on Mother's Day, trading them in for an adventure in the trees. Ziplining is my new favorite sport. I love it!

We ate lunch in the sunshine, stopped at some funny road side shops and hit up the outlet mall before meandering home. Giant metal chicken anyone?

And, during all these comings and goings, Mr. Hawthorne and I were quietly training to run a half marathon together. A year ago, my husband thought it would be great fun for the two of us to sign up. And, a year ago, it wasn't such an outlandish even seemed like a good idea at times. I would have a year to train, continue on my weight loss journey and get myself into shape. Then the actual race date got closer and closer. Leaving me to realize, about three weeks ago, my longest run was only eight miles and I had only worked up to running five miles (without walking). Major accomplishment, yes, but not exactly prepared for running 13.1 miles.

With that said, I'm happy to report, I did it....and I didn't die. My mind set, at first, was I knew I could run five miles. So I would that, then walk and hopefully start to run another five miles. Then, the day of, our plan of attack was to run to the water stations, walk through the water stations and then run some more. And, around mile six I realized I totally had this!! We finished just under two and half hours, soaking wet from the rain, and blister free. Hip, hip, hooray! But, the most enjoyable part of this little weekend adventure, was Mr. Hawthorne and I got to spend the weekend away. Kid free. In maybe one of the oddest towns ever. Portland Washington.

So that, my friends, has been my life in a nutshell. 


Casey said...

Portland Washington? :)

little irish said...

Yes, Portland Washington. ;)

Jaimie said...

What a busy time!! Whew!!
So proud of you!! Way to go. I should have something like that on my bucket list…I don't! But I should! :oD