August 26, 2009


Currently, this is all I've purchased for back-to-school season and school starts in four business days. We drove out to the outlet mall yesterday to kill some time with my plan being to pick up a pair of shoes each for the big kids. El Fuego found these and they spoke to him. I tried to persuade him to pick out a yellow and black pair because he wears a lot of yellow, but his heart's desire was stuck on these beauts. Being a girl and having limited choices, Miss Divine left empty handed. She was not happy.

Besides crayons, markers, pencils, glue, copy paper, tissues, hand sanitizer and other classroom related supplies I have managed to buy NOTHING in the form of clothes, backpacks or lunch transport containers for the kids. And by kids, I mean all three. Yes!! All three kids will be going to school this fall in some form. Second grade, Kindergarten and Preschool here we come! What will I do with my nine hours of kid-free time a week?? I know one thing is for sure. You can find me on the steps of preschool every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning doing a little happy dance at 9am sharp!

My goal is to send my little people off with the basics. Both big kids have superb, almost brand-new summer clothes that will get them through the first month. And with summer weather lasting well into September, shorts and t-shirts are fine. Then, I'll hit up the after school sales and pick up the fall/winter essentials.

As for Petite Artiste....her school is all about getting in and getting dirty. Her school uniform will consists of hand-me-down jeans and rubber boots. I, actually, did pick up a pair of awesome zebra and hot pink rubber boots off the clearance rack last year for her. So even though she'll be getting all that hands-on goodness on every inch of her, she'll look fabulous doing it.

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