August 16, 2009

button, button, who has a button?

A while ago I made a seal through this website but I didn't make it a "clickable" button. I've noticed lately that everyone, and I mean everyone, has a button you can add to your website or blog. At first, I thought these little buttons were cute and added a little extra panache to my wee blog here. But, then I realized I was giving these sites basically free advertising. Not that I have a readership that warrants payment. However, I know my friends that come back and read my blabber on occasion go to these sites to check them out. So, in a way I do drum up a little business for these people just not on a grand scale. Which has me thinking ... about what I'm not sure yet. I'm torn between just leaving everything the way it is because I like it, or taking all the links and buttons down. I must admit though, I'm my biggest fan. Not in a weird self centered, egomaniac way but all those links are a collection of places I go to for information and inspiration. Things I like and admire. Stories I've invested time into. I don't want to just delete all that. What to do, what to do?

I've been doing some research this week. Lots of creative juices floating about my head. I'm desperate to find a way to earn some sort of income that still allows me to be home with the kids full time. I'm not ready to give up my ability to be the one standing outside of school, hearing about how days went, rubbing backs when things went awry and sharing in the joys of my childrens' life. I'm not ready to give all that up to a babysitter no matter how much bacon I can bring into the household with a 9 to 5 job. I can't help but noticed the many woman who've started blogs that all the sudden exploded into a money making machine. It's all got me very curious.

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