March 29, 2007

cheery day comes to screeching halt

Yesterday was a normal, somewhat cheery day. The sun was shining and Spring felt like it was finally here. By afternoon we were driving home from Tae Kwon Do where my cheery day came to a screeching halt . . . . . I was rear-ended! The first time. A young gal, following too close and not paying attention to the stop and go traffic kissed my bumper with hers. Ouch!! All the sudden I felt very old when we exchanged information; her being only 23 born in 1983 and me being much older born in . . . . . well, you get the picture. So there it is. Another thing happened to me with that collision of unhappy circumstances, I realized I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I have three kids and drive a minivan!!! When did this happen? My speedy, too close for comfort friend was nice, offered all her information as if she had done this before and went on her merry way. I ended up following her for a while longer only to witness her tail-gating others not at all acting if she had learned a lesson from the five minutes before. Grrrr!

Today was a good day and accident free! I dropped kids off at school, stopped by the police department for an accident report, had Starbucks, hit up the grocery store and watched some of The View before having to pick kids up from school. Later, I took my brood to get their picture taken with live bunnies from a local photographer we love. They were very excited and even the baby thought the bunnies were fun. I hope we got some good shots.

I'm hungry today. I very much want (need) to lose weight. I hate tracking points for weight watchers but know that I have been successful in the weeks past so I need to keep it up. My secret goal weight is in my grasp. I just need to lose 3.5 more pounds and I will feel like I finally accomplished something and can move on to my new goal. Wish me luck!

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