March 28, 2007

Brand New Blogger

Here I am . . . . . brand new to "blogging". (I'm not even sure if I have the lingo right.) Out of curiosity, I have been surfing around and reading different blogs for a while. I found myself being inspired by others' honesty, love of their families and creativity. It made me want to do the same. It's like an online diary, but a diary that anybody can read. Even though I feel I am a private person, this whole blogging thing greatly intrigues me. But other than that, it's also a way for friends and family members to check in. I have nothing terribly important or interesting to share. Just little tid-bits from my little life . . . . . . little things I love, little things we do, little people I adore . . . just my little life. So here I go. I'm giving it a try. Cross your fingers!!

1 comment:

Scarlett said...

Erin, I like your blog. You have a good start. Scarlett