September 11, 2013

thirty days hath September

We made it through summer vacation and the school district gave me the most awesome birthday present ever. SCHOOL!!! So, I celebrated by joyfully sending three kids, on time, to their individual educational establishments. Give this mother a gold star thankyouverymuch. Because, unlike the years previous, this family now has a middle schooler. A "have-to-shower-every-morning-and-wear-deodorant middle schooler who gets on a bus headed west an entire hour before the rest. Which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although getting out of bed earlier isn't the funnest thing I've ever done.

(no picture of middle schooler because bus came a whole hour earlier
and neither parents were prepared)

Besides doing the happy dance for school starting again, I celebrated my last year of dirty thirties by picking up one of these:

Introducing Benjamin Button. Benny for short. I know, I know. Not the smartest thing I've ever done. But wook at dat face!! I mean....Come! On! I regularly troll craigslist for bargains and this little puddle of fluffy adorable-ness popped up on my screen in need of a home. He is a six month old, 4.5 pound maltipoo. A cute family of four had some life adjustments unexpectedly and thought it best to find a new family for him. And although I fell head over heals for this teeny puppy-wuppy, I have THEE. HARDEST. TIME. telling people what breed he is. As many know, I'm a die-hard Scottish Terrier fan and announcing this guy as a maltipoo sounds just so sissy.
And, because Benny is squirrel sized, Mavis and Franklin only wanted to eat him temporarily. A week later, they are kosher as could be and the adding of a new family member, even one called a maltipoo, went better than I expected. Smooth actually.
Except for the kids....they continue to fight over who gets to hold the littlest dog pretty much all the time. Which is yet another reason to celebrate school days. Yay school!
Fall not only brought us puppies, school and birthdays but more baseball as well. Yes that's right folks. For the first year ever, we are playing some fall ball. As much as I hate to say it, this little community we live in is somewhat label driven and elitist loving. On a regular basis I find myself being told how such and such's child is in a smarter-than-average program, or got on a select sports team, or achieved whatchamacallit. As special as every child is, the whole my kid/life/house/car/pet is better than yours routine gets old. Being that my kiddos don't tend to be the chosen ones for all that specialness, my handy hubby decided to start a little team of non-labeled kids and label them Bulldogs. A non-select, select baseball team. Which has been awesome!


In other, more boring, news .... I've spent a better part of my kid free time taking puppy-potty-breaks, purging forgotten crap that got tossed into corners and reconnecting with my mamacita friends over coffee since September started. It's been grand!! I love Fall Vacation!


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