July 10, 2013

ho hum

Today is one of those days in which it becomes 2pm and you have no idea how it happened. I've barely gotten out of my pajamas, still sipping coffee, while El Fuego yells into his xbox headset and Miss Petite demands Top Ramen and watches Christmas movies. The weather is chilly as the sun is hiding behind the clouds. I'm wearing a sweatshirt and fighting the urge to turn up the heat. (Relax Mr. Hawthorne! I haven't and I won't turn up the heat.)

Stay-cation on the cheap is the name of the game around my house this summer. Budget friendly movies, discounted zoo tickets, Camp Grandma, free bowling, trips to the lake, badminton in the backyard is pretty much how we've been rolling. It's relaxing and sometimes boring but that's okay too.

(secret swimming hole last week)

Speaking of Camp Grandma, The divine Miss O is there this week. Reports of horse riding, sitting in fancy dragsters and swimming in the neighbor's pool have made the two here at home drool with envy. I keep reminding them how they each get a turn at the Grandparents' house and each will experience their own fun. Then I get them 50 cent soft serve ice cream cones to make them shut up about the unfairness of it all. Soft serve makes everything better. Crossing my fingers this trick lasts forever!!

For the most part my offspring are very good at rolling with it. They understand they each have different adventures. At least, that's what I preach often. The trick to being happy is knowing everyone gets a turn and it's way more fun to enjoy the good things in each other lives than to sulk and be miserable in the corner. At least, that's what I remind them when they get pouty. One day it will sink in and all three will realize just how smart their mother is.

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