April 18, 2013

how much

I was in the pharmacy this afternoon to pick up a prescription I had refilled and I was gobsmacked when the clerk said "your total will be three hundred and thirty dollars."

I almost pooped in my bluejeans.

Three hundred and thirty effing dollars?!?!

The sad part is I really wanted my prescription and I just couldn't let myself pay that much for a teeny, tiny tube of cream for chronic cold sores. Which is currently my throbbing issue. A big fat cold sores on my top lip. I get them all the time. Anytime the weather changes dramatically, or if I let my lips get too dry or if I'm stressed or sick. Wham-O! Cold sore. It's uber annoying!

I thought I would just have to make due with the over-the-counter, supposedly miracle creams until one day I happened to be in the doctor's office and she commented on the hideous thing on my lip last year. With a sigh I told her all my about my embarrassing, painful problem and how I hate it. She wrote me up a prescription lickely-split and unlike what I can purchase in the grocery store, this stuff is a miracle cream.

How did I not pay three hundred and thirty dollars for my magic medicine last year you ask. Well, last year our insurance coverage was different and this potion came into my life free of charge. So when I called the drugstore and dialed in my prescription refill number I didn't think anything would be different.

But before all you Obama-hating-finger-waving Republicans start in how awful, terrible that black guy in the big office is making everything go south, let me say this. I do understand that because of ObamaCare, the company my husband works for had to (or more like wanted to methinks) change their policies. And, it's true our coverage is different and I'm not a fan. Not a fan at all. Mostly because the pay cut my husband endured to work for this company however many years ago was balanced out because of the fantastic benefits we would be provided. Except now, those benefits are no longer. I won't lie, it urks me. And, I also understand the reasoning behind ObamaCare and it's purpose. In theory.

That said, I think if you rally rumblers want something/someone to blame I think you should (we all should) start pointing our fingers at the pharmaceutical companies. I don't know much but I do happen to know there is a farmer in Costa Rica that earns himself about eight cents per plant on crops for a company that makes medicine for the U. S. of A. So how, I wonder, does my magic cold sore medicine go from eight cents to three hundred and thirty dollars?  Obama isn't making my magic medicine....in fact, I have a very strong feeling he could care less about my cold sore.


Enie Dub said...

Oh my that is some price!!

Katie said...

As a right winger, I would like to point out that none of my like-minded friends could care less that Obama is black. We do care that he pushed through legislation that is detrimental to healthcare but the color of his skin is irrelevant to us. To imply that part of our dislike of the President is racism is at best misinformed and at worst irresponsible.

little irish said...

Hee hee! Basically, I was just being funny. Or trying to be anyway. :) Do I think you are a racist? No, of course not. Are some of my ho-bunk relatives racist? I plead the fifth. Seriously though, I didn't mean to offend.

Diana Lannin said...

Microsoft benefit changes have nothing to do with Obamacare. They have a lot to do with many employees jumping to the doctor for a hangnail and every other little minor item and adding to the staggering costs. We still have some of the best healthcare in the country...and I'm ok with paying a bit more in my taxes so folks don't have to choose between feeding their kids or taking them to the doctor.

little irish said...

Tis the truth, I know. I get so tired of the few ruining it for everybody else. Ugh!

Carrie said...

Regardless of the government's plan for healthcare, the pharmacudical companies and hostpitals/physicians/whatever have gotten used to charing SO much to insurance companies, when so many people are covered. Now, when there is a change, the people are now footing the cost (which most can't afford) yet, the "big companies" aren't lowering their costs to keep up with the changes. :-(

Emily said...

But I think the most important question is did the cold sore go away?


little irish said...

I so agree Carrie. And, no, still have this flippin' cold sore. My magic rx, I have no more, would have had it wiped out by now. Boo!

Ann said...

I periodically get cold sores, I find using hydrogen peroxide on them tames the beast! Just dab a drop or two every few hours and you're good to go.